NAE Entertainment Preference Shares

Preference Shares

A lot of change has taken place in the Media industry over the last decade, and a lot is likely to change over the next decade. Television viewers are already overwhelmed with options of where to watch and what to watch. That also means investors are just as overwhelmed. One thing is for sure: the rise of cable and internet television is opening new doors for some corporations, while making it tougher for others.

While linear television ratings have broadly declined, television advertisement spending continues to grow. Marketers still spend more on television than any other medium and even though digital advertisement spending is predicted to overtake cable television advertisement spending next year, still much of the money spent on digital is associated with content from television networks, especially on Video On Demand (VOD). Huge revenues are generated from Video On Demand on a yearly basis from subscription and advertisements.

Excalibur Union senior management team sees abundance of opportunities in the media industry, collaborating with National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Ltd to launch EU – Entertainment Preference Shares. National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Ltd is a Hong Kong based investment holding company engaged in hotel and film-related businesses. The company produces and distributes motion pictures, manages entertainers, and offers advertising and promotional services. The company is listed on the Hong Kong Exchange – Stock Code: 8228 HK.

Excalibur Union

Excalibur Union investment team will help National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Ltd, securitize their existing portfolio of entertainment and media assets, that are of equivalent or higher in collateral value. The underlying asset portfolio of the preference shares consists of intangible assets such as copyrights, publicity rights, trademarks, contractual rights, cable television, internet television and tangible assets such as infrastructures which comprises of hotels and resorts, film studios and cinemas.

National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Ltd plans to use the funds raised from EU – Entertainment preference shares to further develop more entertainment and media infrastructures and to acquire more cable and internet television corporations. Excalibur Union investment team of experience professionals will work closely with National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Ltd in the development and acquisition process to ensure success.

EU – Entertainment preference shares aims to provide preference shares holders with periodic income and strong capital growth, through the revenues generated from the current underlying assets as well as future assets. With the huge growth potential of the media industry, Excalibur Union and National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Ltd is confident that this preference shares, one of its kind will provide stellar returns to preference shares holders.