Our Partners


Our Key Global Partners

At Excalibur Union Inc, the solutions we provide reflect insights generated by our diverse, global business platform. We have built the firm on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. The global investments we make are the sources of future opportunities. Here are some of our key global partners.

Investments Opportunities

Innovative Liquidity Solutions for our Investment Partners Globally

Here at Excalibur Union Inc, we do what we do best – we develop innovative liquidity solutions for institutional investors who operate in various industries worldwide. Excalibur Union Inc has a refined expertise in structuring and underwriting deals in the Real Estate and Auto Industry.

Our goal is to provide institutional investors and companies with the opportunity to collateralize, monetize and manage their illiquid investment holdings. Excalibur Union Inc does not just structure quality investments for our partners, we pride ourselves in conducting extensive research to truly understand the unique circumstances of each of our partners and the industries they operate in. This is what our partners value us for, and has continued to propel Excalibur Union Inc’s growth for more than over a decade.

Headquartered in Belize, regarded as a tax haven in the North American continent, Excalibur Union Inc has 3 Strategic Partners located in 3 different regions, South Africa, Panama and Hong Kong providing leverage to extend Excalibur Union Inc’s global presence.

We strive to constantly provide the benefits of asset securitization and raising of capital through this means by utilizing our deep network of global relationships and focusing on a detailed, bottom-up analysis of the underlying assets, executed using refined investment strategies. We believe our market position and proprietary investment database cements our reputation as a nimble and knowledgeable investor.